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Like Rendezvous, but easier to use. And spell.


Go to drive.google.com and sign in with the password pinkflamingo. Share new classes and class resources. It's like a wiki for teaching in the field!

If you have a J-1 visa and want to get a Driver's License, read this document.

Women's Seminars at NOLS

Click through for information that is hard to find on Rendezvous.


Glassdoor is a database of anonymous company reviews and salary reports submitted by employees.  See what your coworkers have to say about working at NOLS and add your own review.

Faculty Compensation 
See what Expedition, Wilderness Medicine, and Custom Education Instructors make.

Field Bonus Structure

See the updated Field Bonus Structure that goes into effect on September 1, 2016.

Faculty Travel Plan
Research the reimbursements you're eligible for.


Faculty Retirement Plan

Yes, NOLS is there to help you retire in style - 4% of income per year after you reach 200 weeks.

NOLS 990 Forms

These are public tax documents that all nonprofits file each year. They encompass a wealth of information, including the company's total assets, number of employees, and five highest salaries.  

The Field Staffing Process

This article explains how staffing coordinators assign contracts.

By Marco Johnson, April 2016. 


NOLS Staff Newsletter
Originally an NIA project, and still a valuable resource. Consider writing an article for the next edition. Submissions to newsletter@nols.edu.

Weekly Manager's Notes
Keep up with what is happening around the NOLS universe.

Board of Trustees Reports
Reports from NOLS Managers and the NIA President tot he Board of Trustees.  Posted in January, June, and October of each year.

2020 Strategic Plan

The text of the actual plan. Read it. Some of it will probably surprise you. 


Career Networking Service

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