Board Member Roles

Article IV of the NIA Constitution reads: “The Board and President will yearly elect a Treasurer and Secretary from the board and any other officers the Board or President sees fit.”

President (annual stipend: up to $5,000)

        Represents NOLS employees at Board of Trustee Meetings. Meets regularly with the Executive Director.  Facilitates quarterly Board conference calls and Annual General Meeting.  Provides strategic steering for the NIA as a whole.

Treasurer (annual stipend: up to $1,000)

        Maintains bank accounts, PayPal account, and Wild Apricot account.  Provides reports to the board on an annual basis, a version of which is then posted on the website.  Files taxes.  Responsible for maintaining 501(c)(5) status.


Records minutes from Annual General Meeting and Board meetings and conference calls.  Secretary maintains archives of meetings, and NIA documents (constitution, etc.) on website and google drive.  Organizes Board conference calls.  Maintains google drive.  Ensures someone is writing an NIA article for each edition of the Faculty Newsletter.  Records Board Member involvement.


Expedition Instructor Membership Coordinator

        Curates membership list on website.  Organizes membership drives.  Works with Treasurer to oversee payment and renewal system to ensure that members stay current and NIA income stays consistent with membership.

Wilderness Medicine Instructor Membership Coordinator

        Assists Field Instructor Membership Coordinator in curating website membership lists.  Organizes NIA presence at WMI Staff Meeting.  Organizes WMI membership drives.

Associate Membership Coordinator

        Assists Field Instructor Membership Coordinator in curating website membership lists.  Works to build our Associate Member rolls, focusing on former instructors.  Posts to NOLS Alumni Facebook Group.  Attempts direct e-mailings to former instructors.

Special Projects

        Assists with or runs occasional larger projects, e.g. Mentorship program.

Branch Representative Coordinator

        Maintain a network of NIA Representatives for each NOLS location, with clear expectations of what the position entails. Communicate with these folks regularly.   Maintain Branch Rep page on NIA website.  Fact check Branch Meeting Notes; post them to Website.  Track branch meetings, with the goal of having a minimum of one meeting at every NOLS location during every operating season.

Webmaster (annual stipend: up to $1,000)

        Create content for the website, recruit others to create content, and mediate website forums.  Train Board Members and Branch Reps in use of admin portal on website. Maintain admin statuses and Google Group.  Track website usage using Google Analytics.  Run annual election using Survey Monkey.  Generates content for, and moderates the Facebook group.  Vets the people who ask to join the group to make sure they are current or former NOLS/WMI instructors. 

Flamingo Fund Administrator

        Proposes Flamingo Fund projects.  Chooses viable projects to fund from among those proposed by Instructors.  Assists in seeing projects through to their completion.  

Visibility Coordinator (annual stipend: up to $1,000)

        Creates a NIA "brand" and makes our support amongst instructors visible through hats, t-shirts, posters, etc.

Events Coordinator

        Coordinate the NIA's presence at the Faculty Summit and State of the School gatherings each year.  Recruit Board and Voting Members to participate.

Board Members at Large

Board members who don't volunteer to fill a specific role are considered "at large," but still have important roles to play voting on issues, contributing to the Google Group, Facebook Group, and Website, as well as recruiting new members, contributing at the Summit, etc. 

Minimum Board Member Expectations

  1. Maintain current NIA membership.
  2. Submit photo and three line bio for web page.
  3. Participate in at least one conference call per year. If not able to attend over the phone, actively engage in the discussion by following up on the Google Group.
  4. Weigh in on current issues via the Google Group, which is the Board’s primary form of communication, at least once every three months. 
  5. At least once during your two year term, either attend the Faculty Summit, WMI Staff Meeting, or State of the School; or write an NIA article for the Faculty Newsletter.

Board members who are unable to participate actively in the above mentioned, the Board may discuss their participation and they may be asked to end their term early.

Think creatively.

Act collectively.

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The mission of the NIA is to communicate and advocate instructor views and to work within the NOLS community to promote the school's mission and values

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