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The NIA is the conduit for bottom up change at NOLS. Campus Reps connect rank-and-file members with the NIA Board.  They’re vital links in the feedback chain that starts with the newest ITC or IC grad and ends with the chairperson of the Board of Trustees (BoT).  Since 1975, or for 80% of the school’s history, the NIA has been the Instructors’ voice with the Administration and the BoT.


To cultivate at least one representative in every NOLS location, running at least one meeting in every operating season. East Africa and the Northeast are as important to us as the RM and AK.

Commitment & Eligibility

Campus Reps are current NIA members who serve as volunteers for at least one operating season.  All effort is greatly appreciated; the ideal minimum commitment is 3 hours/month.  In-town employees who still instruct are encouraged to participate.  The Campus Rep position is an excellent stepping stone to the NIA board, and board members often continue to serve as Reps.

To learn more read the Campus Reps Vision Statement.                                                                                                     A meeting in New Zealand, Sept. 2014.  


  • Display.  Create and maintain a cork-board style NIA display in a staff common area.  The latest versions of our brochures and posterscan be downloaded from the Visibility tab.  Submit receipts to the Treasurer to be reimbursed for printing expenses.  Changing the homepage on the internet browsers on computers in staff common areas to is another good way to introduce folks to the roles and goals of the NIA.
  • Meetings.  Facilitate at least one NIA meeting per operating season.  Face to face meetings are the foundation the NIA is built on.  Publicize these meetings well in advance with posters, social media, and most importantly, word of mouth.  Written announcements on whiteboards around your branch are effective.  A $30.00 US reimbursement for refreshments is standard.  At the conclusion of the meeting, collect dues and sign attendees up for our Website and Facebook Group.  More info is available here: Helpful Hints for Campus Meetings and Campus Rep Talking Points.  Click here to read the minutes from an exceptionally well facilitated meeting.
  • Check-in.  Touch base with the Campus Rep Coordinator via E-mail, Skype, or face to face to remain current about NIA positions and issues affecting staff, as well as to pass the feedback you’ve received up the NIA structure.

Example of a display board at a Campus. 


  • Recruit.  Talk with instructors one on one, in the field, or in more formal settings about the NIA.  Explain that we exist, and what we do.  Program Director Forums work well.  Ultimately, we need folks to join via this website.
  • Address IC and ITC Grads.  Our goal is for folks to join as soon as they’ve graduated their IC.  
  • Participate.  Contribute to the discussion on the NIA Facebook Group and website.  Represent the NIA viewpoint on a Committee. Sit in on a NIA Board Conference Call.  

Hannah Darrin

Campus Representative Coordinator

The spread of goodies at a Campus Meeting. TVB, January 2015.

Think creatively.

Act collectively.

Join the NIA.

The mission of the NIA is to communicate and advocate instructor views and to work within the NOLS community to promote the school's mission and values

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