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PNW Branch Summer Meeting

  • Monday, July 28, 2014
  • 7:30 PM
  • PNW Branch, Conway, WA

This informal gathering is open to all NOLS Faculty and Staff.  NIA PNW Branch Rep Liz Riggs Meder will host and facilitate.  Bring your big ideas for how to make NOLS a better place to live, and how to make the NOLS lifestyle more sustainable for instructors.  

Topics may include:

What is the NIA?  What does it do for me?  How can I get more involved?

International Pay Scales - how come some instructors et paid more or less depending on their nationality?  Can this be made more equitable?

Faculty Travel Plan - how can we begin to bridge the disparity between field staff, NOLS Pro, and WMI?

Admin Compensation Committee - what's up with this?

NIA & WMI - Should WMI Instructors be eligible for full NIA membership?

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