NOLS Wilderness Medicine Staff Meeting

  • Wednesday, September 14, 2016
  • Thursday, September 15, 2016
  • Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus

Wilderness Medicine Instructors from around the world descend on Lander to network, learn the latest curriculum, and keep up to date with events at the school.

A strong NIA showing, with members contributing to the discussion, is essential to us making our case with the Executive Director Team in support of issues that are important to Instructors. 


Confirmed Speakers and Events (more to come)

Tony Islas MD - Past President of the WMS - Concussions and Sports Medicine.

Jo Rolls PAC - WMI Instructor- Update on Diabetes Medications. 

Ray Cramer- WMI Instructor - Effect Sizes and Learning; Simple Tools for Big Results.

Scott McIntosh  MD - U of Utah – Medical Aspects of Avalanche Rescue.

Paul Dreyer - WMI Instructor - Interwoven Curriculum – Blending Medicine, Leadership, Decisions, Psych First Aid and Inclusion. 


State of the School – Melissa Gray

Curriculum Forum – Tod Schimelpfenig

Education at NOLS – Liz Tuohy, Director of Education

Think creatively.

Act collectively.

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The mission of the NIA is to communicate and advocate instructor views and to work within the NOLS community to promote the school's mission and values

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