NIA Annual General Meeting

  • Monday, May 15, 2017
  • 6:00 PM
  • Lander Bake Shop

Join members of the NIA Board for a rousing open session.

Topics may include:

*The history, raison d'etre, governance, and current goals of the NIA.

*The fascinating results of the Lifestyle Survey thus far.

*Should there be an Endowed Chair for a Faculty Advocate who would work with the Executive Director Team to provide leadership from the perspective of NOLS' 850+ Instructors?

*Would creating 10 Semi-Annual Faculty Positions (SAFP - a 12 week mutual commitment) be advisable? 

*Should NOLS set travel reimbursement at 100% of average cost as a goal to be attained during the next Strategic Plan?

*The NIA Mentorship Program, and what it can do for you.

*What would a Living Wage look like for NOLS employees?

*What ideas do you have for new NOLS course types?

*Are "field weeks" still the best option for measuring seniority?  What would an alternative system that takes into account things like classroom courses and time spent Program Supervising look like?

Share your concerns, celebrate our successes, and be heard!

Pizza, pub fare, microbrew beer and non alcoholic beverages provided.

Think creatively.

Act collectively.

Join the NIA.

The mission of the NIA is to communicate and advocate instructor views and to work within the NOLS community to promote the school's mission and values

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