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NOLS Wilderness Medicine Staff Meeting

  • Wednesday, September 13, 2017
  • Friday, September 15, 2017
  • Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus

Wilderness Medicine Instructors from around the world descend on Lander to network, learn the latest curriculum, and keep up to date with events at the school.

A strong NIA showing, with members contributing to the discussion, is essential to us making our case with the Executive Director Team in support of issues that are important to Instructors. 


Confirmed Speakers and Events (more to come)

Ken Phillips former Chief of EMS- Grand Canyon National Park

Topic: Situational Awareness- Applying Crew Resource Management to Emergency Response.

CRM is the basis for the NOLS Wilderness Medicine leadership curriculum. Ken will describe how high reliability organizations have formed a culture, and employed effective CRM strategies to prevent accidents in dynamic high-risk environments.


Jake Wallace NOLS Wilderness Medicine Instructor and Field Faculty

Topic: Model Mental Health Class

Cynthia Stevens MD

Topic: Update on Mental Health with Q and A session


Matt DiFrancesco MD and NOLS Wilderness Medicine Instructor

Topic: C Collars – results from a study of improvised c collars and implications for our curriculum

Topic: Syncope – A review of the topic and discussion on its place in our curriculum.


Jo Rolls, MPAS, PA-C, NOLS Wilderness Medicine Instructor

Topic: Pain Management, Common Medications, Benefits and Risks.

Topic: Making Meaning and Making it Stick: Adult Learning Theory and Active Learning


Debra East: Admission Manager, Heidi Riley and Bethany Elson: NOLS Wilderness Medicine Instructors

Topic: Deaf Students and NOLS Wilderness Medicine: lessons for the Classroom


Danny Arminino, PhD. NOLS Wilderness Medicine Instructor

Topic: Sociology and Wilderness Medicine: people, their interactions, cultural interpretations, and societal representations of medical practice.


As well: State of the School, Curriculum Forum and other fun activities and sessions!

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