The Flamingo Fund

The Flamingo Fund is administered by the NIA to assist with quality of life projects for NOLS employees around the world.

Works in Progress
  • Rack of Donated gear for RM Scholarship Students
  • A Sauna at NOLS Patagonia
  • We are advocating for faster Faculty WiFi at NOLS Mexico
Projects Completed Since 2015
  • Bluetooth Speaker for the PNW Staff House
  • Magnetic Knife Storage for the Noble 3rd Floor Kitchen
  • Spice and Magazine Racks for the Noble 3rd Floor Kitchen
  • Bins for the Noble 3rd Floor Kitchen Communal Fridge
  • Bike Pump for the Noble Basement
  • Instructor Bicycles for the PNW (with PNW matching funds)
  • Advocacy for Fast Instructor-Only WiFi for the Noble
Past Successes
  • Climbing Walls
  • Bicycles
  • Stereos
  • Storage Lockers
  • Computers
Where Does the Money Come From?

Flamingo funding comes from two sources:
1. Donations by current and former Instructors.  More  donations allow us to fund more projects.
2. Each year the NIA Board votes to release a portion of the money we have collected in dues into the Flamingo Fund.

Click the green button at right to donate to the Fund.

Submission Guidelines

Have a project you'd like funded at your branch? Send and e-mail with the following information to Drew Seitz, NIA Board Member and Flamingo Fund Administrator.

1. Your name, e-mail, and phone number.

2. Which NOLS Campus is the project for?

3. A brief description of what you'd like funding for, including an explanation of how will it improve quality of life for instructors and/or in-town staff.

4. A budget (maximum Flamingo Fund contribution of $500)

5. A timeline to complete the project.

6. Who will actually see this project through?

Drew Seitz
Flamingo Fund Administrator

A sauna under construction at NOLS Patagonia with

Flamingo Funding. 

A bike pump to complement the well used bike hangers

in the basement of the Noble Hotel.

Plastic bins appropriate for use in the communal fridge.

Purchased by the Flamingo Fund for the Noble Hotel

Third Floor Instructor Kitchen. 

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