History of the NIA

In the early 1970s NOLS expanded internationally and increased enrollment, staff and facilities. A dispute between the Board of Trustees (BoT) and the NOLS administration caused tensions that threatened the very existence of the school. In response to this turmoil instructors founded the NIA in 1975. The NIA called a General Strike in order to get a seat at BoT meetings. We’ve served since as a voice for the faculty among competing interests at the school.

We believe that instructors are the keepers of the mission and the heart and soul of both the school and the student experience. As NOLS continues to grow and change, new challenges will continue to present themselves. The NIA is how we organize to effect positive change.

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Think creatively.

Act collectively.

Join the NIA.

The mission of the NIA is to communicate and advocate instructor views and to work within the NOLS community to promote the school's mission and values

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