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What in the world happened while I was out on course?

At the May 5th General Meeting in Lander there was a request for a resource that would help Instructors keep up with current events.  Here are our favorite places to catch up after a long month in the field:

The Week - Daily Briefing
If you only have ten minutes, and want to know what's happening, click here, scroll down, and click on "Ten Things You Need to Know Today."

Japanese site that creates an info-graphic of the day's stories.

New York Times most e-mailed stories 
Turns out the couple of million folks who read the NYT are actually pretty good at picking out interesting stories. 

A few field resources.

Living the dream.

Things we love.
Check out their thinlight pads: cheap, light, and multipurpose.

Their Sierra top quilts are super light and warm and can double as a puffy layer!

Here is one way to live lightly on the land...on a NOLS instructor salary.

Custom build your very own ultralight, durable backpack.

Outfitting and living in the back of your pickup.

Ultralight down booties.

They come in the best colors and patterns ever.

Make your own gear!

Your cook group will love you.

Cabin Porn
Pictures of sweet cabins in beautiful places.

Travel the world-- go explore!

The Caretaker's Gazette

Yes, you have to pay for it, but the monthly gazette is full of housesitting gigs around the world. Really amazing opportunities.


This is a flight search engine for people who are flexible on when they fly. You can type in a request such as, ‘London to Los Angeles leaving next week under $1000’ and see what comes up. 


The idea behind Airbnb is simple: rather than stay at a hotel, you can rent somebody’s spare room.


Free couches, beds, floors, and new friends around the world.


Free language lessons, game-i-fied. Simple format, effective at teaching the basics.


Work on farms to pay your bed and board as you jaunt through foreign countries.

55 Best Travel Tips

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