Annual General Meeting

Monday, May 15, 2017 5:44 PM | Dave Durant (Administrator)

Annual General Meeting Notes 5/15/2017

Facilitated by: Molly Herber, Dave Durant, Allie Maloney, and Hannah Darrin

Notes taken by: Katherine Boehrer

Edited by: Dave Durant, Allie Maloney

Attendees: About 50 NOLS employees, ranging from new in-town staff to 4 AFP instructors and an EDT Member.


These notes are a summary of topics discussed at a specific NIA meeting. They are meant to capture the “flavor” of the meeting. They do not represent the opinions of NOLS, participating faculty/staff or the NIA.


NIA History -  Molly 

  • Founded in 1975
  • The NIA is governed by 12 Board members and a President

NIA “Year in Review” - Allie

  • 10 meetings in the last year
  • Online is 2016 treasurer's report - see where money is going!
  • Worked on lifestyle survey all year
  • Sean Williams, NIA President, attended Board meeting in February
  • Held elections, 6 new board members, 4 newsletter articles 
  • Recruited 87 new members 

Top 3 priorities for 2017 - Molly

  • These were voted on in the fall elections
  • Instructor engagement - making sure instructors have a seat at the table at important events like the NOLS Board of Trustees meetings, foster clear and consistent communication between Faculty and HQ
  • Field faculty travel - working toward 100% reimbursement, greater clarity in process
  • Mentorship and careers - expanding the NIA Mentorship Program, working with staffing to improve engagement/feedback 

Mentorship Program - Hannah

  • “Endorsed” mentors - take a look!
  • Someone who has a story similar to you
  • Go to NIA website under membership to find the list - reach out to someone
  • If you want to be a mentor can also go to the website and email Mita 

Field Faculty Lifestyle Survey Results - Dave

  • Survey was open for the entire 2016 calendar year, 291 respondents, 41% of field faculty
  • Data is representative of a broad spectrum of folks - new to NOLS and not
  • Observations
  • Instructors are dedicated to NOLS
  • 86% work more than one job, but many say NOLS is their top priority
  • It takes a long time to build a sustainable career 
  • The more weeks in the field you have, the more work you will get
  • 30 weeks is a magic number 
  • AFP is 25 weeks a year, it usually takes about 5 years to get to 15 weeks a year
  • Only a quarter of folks under 30 weeks are satisfied with their current amount of work 
  • 1 in 3 identify as having good long-term prospects for their NOLS career
  • Volume of field work and satisfaction are correlated 
  • The more work you get, the happier you are with it
  • Most instructors have supplemental (non-job) income
  • More than half of people are getting money from some other non-job source
  • 65% of instructors make less than $30,000 a year (this is total income from all sources/jobs, not just from NOLS - Ed.)
  • Instructors are dedicated 
  • The vast majority hope to work for NOLS for an additional 5 years, One in three say they want to work in the field for the rest of their life. 
  • Questions
    • Q: Did people answer all questions? [A: mostly yes]
    • Q: When are we doing it again? [A: likely 2018]
    • Q: Any plans to tie in with the Moorehead survey? [A: interesting idea]

Open Forum - Dave

  • Appreciations about NOLS
    • Inexpensive housing at branches
    • Diversity of seminars offered
    • Heavy subsidy of seminars
    • People you work with 
    • Desire to be a leader in diversity/inclusion
  • In-town employees being included in NIA
    • All 8 intown employees present said they would join the NIA if that were an option.
  • Tiered System for Faculty
    • Suggestion of 3 faculty groups: 
    • Summer Faculty (guaranteed work in July)
    • S-AFP (12.5 weeks per year, no benefits)
    • AFP (25 weeks per year, full benefits)
    • There are  lot of people who would like to work more, and there are a subset of folks who are happy with working 1-2 courses per year
    • What would it take to put faculty into a pool to self-identify what they want: 1 course, half-time, full-time
    • Better life planning, less uncertainty -- maybe you start with just summer and that’s expected for 1-2 years
    • Are we creating an excess of instructors by offering too many IC spots?
  • How To Get Change @ NOLS
    • Consistently writing stuff on Program evaluations - that gets filtered up through p-sups all the way up
    • Data (e.g. Lifestyle Survey) goes a long way - anecdotes only take us part way 
    • Mentorship and paying it forward - bring them into the field, talk about them on your program evals - instill that culture into others (be a mentor)
    • Longevity of intown folks affects field instructors and vice versa  
    • Diversify your skill sets (become a climber, boater, winter instructor)
    • Work for NOLS Wilderness Medicine 
    • Field staff are supported by in-town staff - turnover intown is high - at the lower level, part of the issue is compensation. NIA advocates for increases in wages for lower level in-town staff - to have more continuity of systems
    • Make connections


Join the NIA! - Hannah

  • Summer Membership Drive is starting
  • Help support instructor voice in the school 
  • Help enroll 3 more people each in the NIA 
  • NIA Branch representatives - you can be one!


Think creatively.

Act collectively.

Join the NIA.

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