Week One: Challenges Facing

Challenges Facing Field Instructors Employed in Wilderness-Based Expeditionary Programs

Week Two: Hidden Turmoil

The Hidden Turmoil: Females Achieving Longevity in the Outdoor Learning Profession 

Week Three: Have Careers

Do Outdoor Leaders Have Careers? An Introduction to the Outdoor Leader Career Development Model

Week Four: Training Backgrounds

Types of Positions, Job Responsibilities, and Training Backgrounds of Outdoor/Adventure Leaders

Week Five: Paul Petzoldt

Paul Petzoldt's Perspective: The Final 20 Years

Week Six: Leadership Development

Leadership Development for Developed Leaders

Week Seven: Leading the Way

Leading the Way: Strategies that Enhance Women's Involvement in Experiential Education Careers

Week Eight: Facilitator, Teacher, or Leader?

Facilitator, Teacher, or Leader? Managing Conflicting Roles in Outdoor Education 

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