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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) are increasingly visible and valued at NOLS. The NIA applauds the efforts NOLS has undertaken to provide more resources and training to students and staff in this area, including improved systems for reporting inclusion incidents, seeing increased gender parity in instructor course pools, effective changes to the fellowship program, and the increased availability of training opportunities and affinity spaces.

In addition to these efforts, we also recognize that there are areas for significant growth at the school and within the NIA itself. When it comes to DEI, as a school we are all on a learning curve. We embrace efforts that consider this spectrum of experience and that meet instructors where they are.

This plank affirms our commitment to these areas and underscores the connection of DEI to our work.

Equity underlies many of the NIA’s advocacy efforts, in particular our advocacy for a living wage for all instructors and staff and for an instructor-focused voice at the highest levels of decision making at NOLS.

This is because students benefit from instructors who represent a diversity of experience and thought. The promise of stable, dignified work makes being a NOLS instructor more realistic and sustainable to a wider range of people, one that’s more reflective of society. The school as a whole benefits from transparent, inclusive decision making from the body that composes 7/10 of all NOLS employees.

Internally, we strive to have a board that represents all NOLS instructors in the diversity of their experiences, goals, and needs. Our work in this area is ongoing, and will only serve to make the NIA more effective in our advocacy on behalf of instructors.

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