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The Flamingo Fund

The Flamingo Fund is administered by the NIA to assist with quality of life projects for NOLS employees around the world.

Work in Progress

  • Rack of donated gear for RM Scholarship Students
  • We are advocating for faster Faculty WiFi at NOLS Mexico

Projects Completed Since 2015

  • A Sauna at NOLS Patagonia
  • Bluetooth Speaker for the PNW Staff House
  • Magnetic Knife Storage for the Noble 3rd Floor Kitchen
  • Spice and Magazine Racks for the Noble 3rd Floor Kitchen
  • Bins for the Noble 3rd Floor Kitchen Communal Fridge
  • Bike Pump for the Noble Basement
  • Instructor Bicycles for the PNW (with PNW matching funds)
  • Advocacy for Fast Instructor-Only WiFi for the Noble

Past Successes

  • Bicycles
  • Climbing Walls
  • Stereos
  • Storage Lockers
  • Computers

Where does the money come from?

Flamingo funding comes from two sources:

1. Donations by current and former Instructors. More donations allow us to fund more projects.

2. Each year the NIA Board votes to release a portion of the money we have collected in dues into the Flamingo Fund.

Click the green button at right to donate to the Fund.

Submission Guidelines

Have a project you'd like funded at your branch? Send and e-mail with the following information to Drew Seitz, NIA Board Member and Flamingo Fund Administrator.

1. Your name, e-mail, and phone number.

2. Which NOLS Campus is the project for?

3. A brief description of what you'd like funding for, including an explanation of how will it improve quality of life for instructors and/or in-town staff.

4. A budget (maximum Flamingo Fund contribution of $500)

5. A timeline to complete the project.

6. Who will actually see this project through?

Drew Seitz

Flamingo Fund Administrator

A sauna under construction at NOLS Patagonia with

Flamingo Funding. 

A bike pump to complement the well used bike hangers

in the basement of the Noble Hotel.

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