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Treasurer's Reports Archive

All of the past Treasurer's Reports, in one place! 

Financial Breakdown for Calendar year 2018

Julia Pieper, NIA Treasurer


The NIA’s resources available for the 2018 Budget came entirely from 2017 dues. There was an increase in lifetime memberships, which resulted in a larger influx of dues than in past years. 

  • CY 2017 - $9,795
  • CY 2016 - $5,290
  • CY 2015 - $5,405
  • FY 2014 - $4,577



At the beginning of 2018 stipends were distributed for any board member who elected to report hours from 2017. Thirty percent of the past years income is evenly divided based on hours reported for these board members. In 2018 we distributed $2,939.47 for hours submitted from 2017.

Operating Expenses

The majority of the NIA’s Operating Expenses come from website fees. Our website allows us to collect dues and track membership. Additionally, the NIA communicates with members through occasional email newsletters and via content directly on the website. The second largest category is Membership Incentives. This currently includes hats and belt buckles (though there have been other incentives over the years). The NIA wants to thank our members for their support and help encourage new membership by having our name visible within the many NOLS communities. 

The NIA spent less than the allotted 40% on Operating Expenses in 2018. This small surplus of $220.09 will be used towards 2019 Operating Expenses.

Flamingo Fund

At the start of 2018 a transfer of $980.00, equaling 10% of the 2017 income, was distributed to the Flamingo Fund. A starting balance of $1,418.85 was available for 2018 projects. Two Flamingo Fund projects (listed below) were completed in 2018 for a total of $531.79. The year end balance of the Flamingo Fund is $887.06. This money will stay in the Fund for future projects.

  • Patagonia: Two whitewater kayaks for instructors to use at the branch.
  • Rocky Mountain: Various projects in the Noble kitchen and bathrooms.


A transfer of $1,961 (20% of the 2017 income) was made to the NIA savings account. The year end savings balance is $2,161.95. This buffer allows the NIA to make financial decisions that require more upfront capital, but will save the NIA money in the long run. An example of this is paying our website fees in advance for two years for a discounted rate. 

Financial Breakdown for Calendar Year 2017

Julia Pieper, NIA Treasurer


Income: All of the income this year came from dues. Income from 2016 was used for the 2017 budget. Income from 2017 will be used for the 2018 budget. There was an increase in lifetime memberships, which increased 2017 income. Here are some of our historic incomes: 

CY 2017 - $9,795

CY 2016 - $5,290

CY 2015 - $5,405

FY 2014 - $4,577

Flamingo Fund Growth: 10% of the remaining funds from the 2016 budget were transferred to the Flamingo Fund account. 

Rainy Day Fund: 20% of the remaining funds from the 2016 budget were transferred into our Savings account at the beginning of the year. The net balance from the 2017 budget has remained in our checking account to add to the Rainy Day Fund. This resulted in 25.3% of the 2017 budget being used to increase the Rainy Day Fund by (Figure 1). 

Stipends: Stipends were not dispersed in 2017 for 2016 hours. Stipends will be part of the 2018 budget to compensate 2017 hours. 

Yearly Fixed Expenses: In order to promote visibility to drive membership growth, and thanks to a strong cash balance due to not distributing stipends for 2016 hours, the Board approved 53.8% of 2016’s income for 2017 Yearly Fixed Expenses rather than 40%. 

In 2017 71.4% of 2016’s income was spent on Yearly Fixed Expenses (Figure 1). These expenditures came primarily from membership incentives, the faculty summit, and the annual general meeting (Figure 2). All of those spending categories help promote visibility and drive up membership. 

Financial Breakdown Fiscal Year 2016

Abbie Wehner, NIA Treasurer

Income (100% from dues): $5610

Total Debits: $4665.05
Board Stipends: $3,000.00
PayPal PayFlow Service: $480.00
Faculty Summit Presence: $316.80
Flamingo Fund Projects: $297.73
Annual General Meeting: $294.10
Membership Incentives: $271.62
Branch Meetings: $177.29
Visibility: $85.27
Web Domain Licensing: $36.34

Board Stipends (60.5%): The board voted to pay stipends for board members who had contributed significant hours to the NIA. When we voted for the amount paid to each recipient, we intended to be fair based on what our understanding of past stipend use had been. Due to a recent transition in treasurers, we were not fully informed on our current year’s standings, and we did not intentionally spend 60% of the year’s dues on stipends. Further, of the stipends paid 2 were seen as compensating for both the prior and current years’ work. As a board, we are moving to a much more transparent and predictable use of stipends, specifically working to make sure they are a significantly smaller percentage of the budget.

PayPal PayFlow Service (9.7%): This is how we are able to collect dues through our website. The members of our community live all over the world, and we don’t always have access to mailboxes and addresses. Ensuring our accessibility online makes it possible for folks without addresses and checkbooks to maintain their membership.

Faculty Summit Presence (6.4%): This year we purchased some items that we will be able to re-use over the years, such as the prize wheel and the silkscreen, as well as raffle prizes and other goodies to attract people to the table. The Faculty Summit is a gathering of instructors from all parts of the NOLS spectrum, and we believe it’s important to continue showing up here professionally and creatively.

Flamingo Fund: This year we helped the PNW buy bikes for folks to use to get around, we did a cleaning/organizing project in the Noble kitchen, and we contributed a bike pump to the Noble bike storage.

Annual General Meeting: The 2016 meeting was held in the Coulter Loft which requires we spend at least $250 in food and beverages to reserve it. We believe the Coulter Loft works well, though we are looking into other options to ensure we use dues as efficiently as possible.

Membership Incentives: This line includes coozies, hats, and other items we give new members and lifetime members. This year I also included printing of stickers in this line, since many members receive these stickers. Our influence with the EDT and BoT is a direct function of our membership numbers, so we view this money as an investment.  It is important to note that we still have much of this inventory in stock, and so next year we will likely have to purchase more items. Allie, our Visibility Coordinator, is working hard to find economical options that still look good and build interest in and awareness of the NIA.

Branch Meetings: This line includes snacks provided at branch meetings.

Visibility: This includes all printed goods (paper and poster NOT clothing/coozies).

Web Domain: We pay an annual fee to own our domain name.

Please note: We paid for our Wild Apricot subscription in advance last year, so it does not appear in these expenditures, but eventually (2018) we will again have to pay for our website software. Since we have such a worldwide community, maintaining our web presence is something that is vital to our organization.

Financial Breakdown Fiscal Year 2015

Daren Opeka, NIA Treasurer

Income (100% from dues): $6,300

Total Debits: $8,823.22

Website: $3,240

Membership Incentives: $2,772.50

Board Stipends: $1,000

Faculty Summit Presence: $944.47

PayPal PayFlow Service: $390

Branch Meetings: $164.68


Dave Durant, NIA Board Member

Website: This budget line includes the $100/mo. fee for maintaining our website in FY 2015.  However, it also includes $2,160 we spent to lock in our current pricing for the next two years.  We won't incur website fees again until 2018.  This expenditure is the main reason debits exceeding income this year.

Membership Incentives: This line includes the t-shirts and belt buckles we give new members and lifetime members.  Since our influence with the EDT and BoT is a direct function of our membership numbers, we view this money as an investment.  It is important to note that we still have much of this inventory in stock.

Faculty Summit Presence: This includes investments in many durable goods, such as banners, that we still have to use in the future.

PayPal PayFlow Services: This is the mechanism we use to collect dues online.  It's worth it to us to pay this fee, since it enables automatically recurring payments, which are the key to your NIA representatives spending more time representing you, and less time chasing people down to remind them to renew their dues.

Financial Breakdown Fiscal Year 2014

Daren Opeka, NIA Treasurer

Income (100% from dues): $4,577

Total Debits: $3,983

Treasurer stipend: $1000

Marketing materials (t-shirts, hats, stickers, banners): $982

Wild Apricot website service: $786

Membership Meeting Supplies (food, drinks, misc.): $650

Constant Contact email marketing service: $255

Beverages at Faculty Summit: $190

Professional Web and Design consultation: $100 

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