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NEW Employee Lifestyle Surveys

In-town Staff

Field Staff

Wilderness Medicine Staff

22 questions, which typically takes less than 15 minutes.

The goal of this survey is to gather concrete data on the lifestyle, income, and career choices that NOLS employees make to support the school’s mission and to integrate their work into their lives. The NIA’s hope is that hard data, gathered from a large number of respondents over a long period of time, can positively drive strategic decisions about the reality of a NOLS career and about the best ways the school can maintain its community of engaged and committed employees. This survey was first conducted in 2015 for Field Staff only.  All NOLS Employees during Tax Year 2020 are encouraged to participate. Results will be collated and analyzed to assess for any changes and new trends. 

The survey includes questions about income, jobs, family, and living situations which some may consider sensitive. Your privacy is important to us, and there will be no way your responses can be matched to your email or name. Only data summarizing groups of participants will be reported, and you can leave any question unanswered if you want to. Keep in mind that these potentially sensitive data points are real facts that affect all of us and the school’s strategic future, and the NIA believes that bringing them into the open in a quantitative and anonymous manner will be better for all of us in the long run. The 2015 data was presented at the February Board of Trustees meeting and has been a talking point and referenced by the NIA, Board of Trustees, and NOLS President since, to aid strategic thinking. We hope that this new set of data will continue to help NOLS and its employees make informed decisions. 

2016: Field Faculty 2016 Lifestyle Survey Results

Page updated 12/26/2020

Prior Petition Results

2020: On February 8th, 2020 the NOLS Board of Trustees voted to return an NIA Representative to the table at all three of their meetings each year. This was due in part to an on-line petition administered by the NIA that gathered the signatures of 200 current NOLS employees. 

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